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  1. Napoqe

    Heart of Iron 4 has a mod of the Warcraft universe.

    I'm here to divulge and discuss about the game Heart of Iron 4 and this mod from the Warcraft universe. For those who do not know what game this is? Search on Youtube about, or on the own page of store of the game. I played the game a lot without mod, and I liked it, I bought some dlcs, not...
  2. Jeff91

    Help Find Icon

    Hello, I need help to find suitable icons for some actions/abilities (they can be either custom or vanilla): -Declaring War -Allying Someone -Unally Someone/Neutral -Share Control These would be actions a nation could use to interact with other nations/players. Basically what would fit and...
  3. Lurker99

    Faction Selection for a Wc2 Melee

    Hello Hive, I am working on a melee map that will use wc2 factions (not just Orc and Humans, but the actually kingdoms and clans). I require a trigger system that will allow the player to select their nation or clan simply by using the assigned team color at the map start ie playing as human...