1. OverClocked

    [Solved] Increase the size of icons in multiboards?

    Do you guys know if its possible to increase the size of icons in multiboards because 16x16 seems a bit too small for me. Maybe there's a jass function that can do that or maybe you can change that in the gameplay constants?
  2. Droof

    Need a map maker with player ranking knowledge - Payed Job

    My map (City TD) needs a skilled developer to be able to implement player rankings using wc3stats, with multi-board. Along with other tweaks and bug fixes / code optimization. Send me a PM for more details. Thanks!
  3. Smilis

    Cant access models, triggers and more from Frozen Throne

    Hi, Just took up map making again after five years. But now I've run into some truble. I can't find triggers and options that I know should exist (ex. Multiboards, set ability level, buffs and effects). It's like Frozen Throne is not installed, which it is. Have someone else the same...