mouse move

  1. Xthreo

    Mouse camera system with WASD

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for a mouse camera system with WASD controls and this one is simply fantastic. Although the map is protected so I can't study the triggers. Do some on you have any idea how such beautiful work has been done? Any tutorial link? I'd love to implement a system like...
  2. apsyll

    [Wurst] MouseUtils

    I started creating a mouse control/helper system for my project that uses the mouse as input device heavily. It is at this stage working but not fully polished. you can check if a player presses a specific button, get the amount of multy clicks (double/tripperl/quadrupel... clicks), the mouse...
  3. HamzahA

    [JASS] First Person Camera moveable Via Mouse

    Hello, today i was wondering if its possible to make a first person camera that is movable via mouse, well, i made the first person camera, but how can i make it movable via mouse? I need the script )