1. Caves'n'Hell Monsters

    Caves'n'Hell Monsters

  2. Cathedral Monsters

    Cathedral Monsters

  3. Catacombs Monsters

    Catacombs Monsters

  4. Waran, Molerat, Nameless Hero (Gothic 1 RTS)

    Waran, Molerat, Nameless Hero (Gothic 1 RTS)

    Nameless Hero from Gothic 1 fighting off some beasts. Gothic 1 in RTS form ツ
  5. MasterHaosis

    Movie Classic Monsters Old vs New

    Hello mortals! :cgrin: Halloween is approaching. People watch movies. There are tons of monsters in movies, various types and I wonder which one do you prefer, older ones or modern ones. There is unwritten rule that old classis are before 1970s and modern classics are ones after 1970. By...