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  1. Phantom Model

    Phantom Model

    Do you guys think I should animate this one? This is an old one, that I made a few months ago.
  2. Cuore

    WIP troll town hall

    Here's a few WIP pics of basic, untextured static meshes for three tiers of a town hall for the troll race, made in adherence to concept pictures made some years ago by the user @HandCLAW, that unfortunately have seen no follow-up resulting in a model development by the author. I share with you...
  3. Mister_Haudrauf

    Mister_Haudrauf's Self-made Wip Model Gallery

    Firstly this thread was made to show you the progress of specific models that i am going to make with the Tool Milkshape3d. Be aware that it will take a while for such models to be made. So be patient. 1.Models that are scratch-made and that i will upload. [/SIZE] Texturing Bone...