1. InsaneMonster

    Size of media

    Hey there! In the beta, I can see the videos I embed in my project page to be one in top of the other, instead of being side by side. This is because the size of the project page is much lower, width wise. I think a way to reduce the size of the embedded media preview could be very useful to...
  2. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Windows 10 Emoji / Emoticon Bugs on HIVE

    hi, i was trying to see if the Windows 10 emoticons/emojis [e.g: (it disappears after saving)] work on the HIVE Workshop (posts, profile posts, status updates, media, media comments, etc :cconf:) site, suddenly, they disappear meaning they don't work due posting/saving. it does that while...
  3. deepstrasz

    Esoterism, philosophy, science-fiction, mythology, symbolism and more in media

    I'll start with The Matrix series. (So far, we've seen a lot of themes like: -a possible exploitation of the human race by a sovereign higher/advanced entity; -questions whether the world we live in today is real or not; -perception of people and the world in general, if it has an influence...
  4. Dehua_Darbuya

    Old images are missing

    Long story short, I had some images uploaded on my profile just before the site was updated and heard that they would eventually be ported over. However the images have yet to be made available, even though it says there are "15 items" in the album. I know I could re-upload the images but I...