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  1. worldeditor2023

    Need help to find a old wc3 map

    Hello friends, I need help in finding a old rpg map. I apologize for my bad english. As far as I remember that rpg map,(I only played singleplayer of that map so I dont know that if it was a multiplayer aswell) starts with you choosing a hero and then a AI allie that has a blood elf...
  2. Dohaeris

    Need names

    Hey guys I am currently working on my own map for my brother and I was having trouble naming a couple of places I just need some names to replace these towns (Vyrkul, Silvermoon, Kirin Tor, Kul Tiras, Rhovania, and Cult of the Damned) Thanks in advance!
  3. Gstapf

    I tried to find this old map...

    Guys, hello. Im here to ask your help. In my old days, I usually played a custom map that made me the happiest person in the world, but I cannot found this again. Searched it for days, and found nothing. Here I go, again: In this basic map, I played as a Medivh character, and it was like an...
  4. raco12

    [Campaign] New Campaings for Warcraft 3 TFT

    Hello Guys, My Name is Rafael, I’m a young worker in Venezuela that have a long time playing Warcraft 3. Polishing my skills as editor, there´s been five years since I don’t edit a map, I lose all my progress on maps that I never upload, projects that never saw light, I lose all my resources...