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map protection

  1. boynpark

    Map Protection

    Is there someone know what's going on the below site. https://app.w3protect.eu/protect Recently i found that site and i used to protect my maps by the way, "Go to App" page is not responding from yesterday. maybe some of the site server is under maintenance? It's very frustrating not being...
  2. lolz

    Map Protection kicks some Players in Game Lobby

    Hello, I just recently finished working on my own TD, spend alot of time on it, so naturaly i protected the map so nobody can change it. But the following thing occurs: When hosting the map, some (but not all players) are kicked almost instantly after joining the map,im sure they are getting...
  3. MStylo

    Map protection on 1.33 patch

    Does anybody have a map protection tool that works with 1.33 patch? I have been using W3Protect-0.6.1 but maps just end up being broken after use.
  4. MStylo

    Lua maps protection

    Is there a way to protect maps that uses lua scripts? Up until now I have been using Map Optimizer 5.0 but that no longer works.
  5. Eye

    Map protection

    Nobody seems to ask or care about it now. Would be nice if one could do it without hacky methods, which not exactly protect, but delay the inevitable. EDIT: It is a suggestion thread.
  6. Lions_Blood

    Help Deprotecting Halloween Horrors map WILL PAY $$$

    [This post has been deliberately blanked]
  7. DX Generation

    Map Protection

    >About map protectors >Pros and cons about map protection >Types of map protection >Available protectors About map protectors The general idea of a map protector is to damage a map file so it can no longer be loaded into World Editor. World Editor uses a lot of files and headers...