map making

  1. dsiracusan

    Why aren't people making very many HD maps?

    Might be the wrong spot, sorry new to the forum here. Just generally wondering why people aren't making very many HD maps, I occasionally find myself watching custom campaigns and have noticed most of them if not literally all use the SD mode of the game.
  2. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Wendigo Horror needs your feedback and ideas!

    Heyyo! dear HIVE map community, it's me, Kakorin/TheBeautifulPeople, i'm back into mapping and need all the help possible with my map The Wendigo Horror, because I think this map is going the wrong direction, so i'll be starting this thread with the next questions: What are your first...
  3. ZeroGravity

    All my custom models are suddenly gone

    This suddenly happens out of nowhere. Any help please?
  4. HighTac

    [Melee] FFA Masters Map Contest 2020 | Deadline April 19, 2020

    FFA Masters Map Contest 2020. Submit your map by April 19, 2020! Rules, tips and (at some point) map drafts can be found in the spreadsheet below. Looking forward to your submissions. Let me know if you have questions or want to pump up the prize pool. Good luck have fun! FFA Masters Map...