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mana regen

  1. InSaNe_97

    [General] Negative hp regen when no mana.

    Greetings! I want to make that every unit will have mana and -0,1 mana regen, when it reaches 0 unit got -0,1 hp regen, when unit got some mana hp regen goes to 0 again and so on. Any way to make it? In advice thank You.
  2. silverlight33

    [Spell] Syphon mana -> increasing mana of an ally

    Hey, I was wandering if there is a field/gameplay constant that allows syphon mana to increase the manapool of the allly unit? The same way you can increase BM mana over the cap when he is targeting enemies. If there isn't an easy way, can you point me towards how to do it with...
  3. InSaNe_97

    Healing potion stronger over time.

    OK folks, you know what I want. I want to my "Potion of healing" when consumed heal 20% of max hp + 1 for every 6 seconds passes in game. How I can make second part of my potion "+ 1 for every 6 seconds passes in game". Can anyone help me? Please? Thank you.
  4. Bluetime

    [Spell] Health/Mana Regeneration Amplification based on current Health/Mana Regeneration Point

    Hello Guys, How to do amplifying health/mana regeneration based on current health/mana regeneration points by hardcoded or by GUI method? Thanks e.g. 10 health regeneration x 20% regeneration amplification = 12 health regeneration ;)
  5. Sausage Heimer

    Stunt mana regen for single unit?

    I've been making a hero based off of rage and have used many different things to try and keep the hero from regenerating mana from brilliance or having mana destroyed (Negative regen) Anyone have any ideas on how to keep a unit from gaining a buff or just keep him from gaining mana from anything...
  6. Anwynn

    [General] Change Mana Regen in Combat

    Is it possible to increase a heroes mana regen while when they're attacking or being attacked and for it to last a few seconds after they stop? If so, how? If possible I want to do it with just triggers. If not that's okay too, it's just preference as I'm fairly new and don't have any...