1. Mr.Goblin

    Livestreaming recording software?

    Hey there! I'm looking for some free programs that I could use while doing my livestreaming events. What I need is simple: -Record my desktop while I work in photoshop -Record my voice -Runs smoothly when I'm on google hangout doing the livestreaming event. any suggestions?
  2. Mr.Goblin

    Hive ART Google Hangout Channel

    -=HIVE ART GOOGLE HANGOUT CHANNEL=- RULES 1# Don't be a dick. 2# This channel is ONLY for hiveworkshop users. 3# Don't use this channel else then for art purpose. 4# Read rule #1 again. 5# Read rule #1 one last time. Click here for the Hiveworkshop google hangout channel. Thank you. You can...