1. Darious

    {solved}Reforged Blood elf Lieutenant to High Elf Lieutenant

    Can someone please make the blood elf lieutenant to high elf lieutenant. I'm working on a High elf map.
  2. Kemayo

    Highelf Huntress/Highelf Lieutenant

    Could someone please create a Highelf version of the Bloodelf Lieutenant aswell as the Nightelf Huntress? Including Icons please. I'd much appreciate the effort!
  3. Aleister

    Recolor for Classic Icons (Solved by Hermit)

    Hi guys! I appeal to your help for a second time because I need three icons for three classic models of Warcraft.:thumbs_up: The first icon is for the paladin of black hair: The second icon is for the paladin of white hair: And the last icon is for the blood elf lieutenant: MPQ'S...