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learned skill

  1. Ruvven

    [Trigger] UnitMakeAbilityPermanent

    Hello again I have a map where spells are not learned normally and thus picked up by spell books along the way, also i have morphing possibilities and many of you probably know that the two of those does not go well together. I have seen alot of people mention the sentence i used as a...
  2. tiaramisu

    Multi-Hero abilities Removal/Learning

    Hello! i'm having trouble by making a Multi-Ability for a hero , What i mean by multi-ability? lets say Hero A Has 1 ability , ''Ability A'' I Made a triiger so when you choosed ability A you had 2 choices. ''Shockwave'' or ''furious stomp'' (Via dialog Box) Now my problem comes here. I...
  3. mohamy

    Add Ability To Hero Learn Skill

    Any body know that how to add a skill to learn ability with Triger on GUI some one help me plz
  4. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Mirror image destroys variables?

    I set a learning hero to turn into Var(variable) when the learned hero´s skill equal to a custom mirror image. Problems is i see that when the mirror image is casted the variable stops working until i level up mirror image skill so i reactivate the set variable = Varia Events Unit...