leak learning

  1. Meatsausage

    [Solved] Is this wait leaking?

    Hey there, i was ondering if this wait is leaking or causing problems? Hence this is a TD map, i was wondering if this will overwrite if it happens on multiple towers simulatenously ? so 1 BladestormUnit is not removed when another unit procs in that 1 second wait? Or does wc3 start this trigger...
  2. polo2005

    [General] (hashtable question, gui) Will setting a new value in a hashtable cause a leak

    Hello, was wondering when I need to clear an hashtable? for example: lets assume (Key cd) of (Key (Picked unit)) in AI_hashtable in the trigger under is set to 0. Set temp_real = ((Load (Key cd) of (Key (Picked unit)) from AI_hashtable) + 0.10) Hashtable - Clear all child hashtables of child...
  3. Voxelvoid

    Is there a leak here & how do I fix it?

    Please provide with a step-by-step guide.