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  1. haochuan

    [Technical Sharing] A more efficient way to manage custom campaigns

    Hi dudes, I finally purchased the War3 reforged recently because the mod community is getting bigger. Being a player myself when I was a kid, it's disappointed to witness what Blizzard has done to the game. After I started to install many of the old custom campaigns, I found it was complicated...
  2. NightKnight

    Need Typescript/Javascript coders

    This is for my map: Fantasy Life. It is slightly similar LoaP in the regard that it has jobs, but mostly different. More details in the map link. So some of the things that we will be making: Tens of mini-games using Frames and UI for jobs and events. (the main point) UI for almost anything...
  3. Fransisco Wijaya

    [Node.js] TypeScript, TypeORM, GraphQL masters, hear my call!

    I need you to review my code, please suggest a good project structure, efficiency, modularity etc. This project is in progress, so there's no big things to show. Right to the REPO!