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jass formattor

  1. HL_Vortex

    How to install JassCraft 113 correctly

    I've recently come back to Warcraft 3 map making and I'm trying to make a campaign Ai. I'm trying to install JassCraft and it asking for the MPQ I know they have been "replaced" by CASC but has anyone been able to instal it recently with a work around?
  2. ololo_ololo

    Tool: Indent jass code

    I wrote a small tool which correctly indents .j jass code. Someone interested?
  3. yxq1122

    Bundle idea: leading to UNWE?

    Greetings! Getting tired with your project? Nothing seems to improve the mapping efficiency except for the world editor. This is an idea that UNWE bundle should be assembled using the current fundamental editing tools of war3. What is UNWE? This is a concept that the current Blizzard World...