item drop

  1. DexterFstone

    item drop

    Hi, I'm not very good at English, but I hope you understand what I mean. I am making a map and I want you to help me when the hero picks up an item and takes it to a certain range, and the item is deleted and a number is added to Lumbor?
  2. pootykins

    custom scripts turns off trigger?

    I have a trigger to add an item drop set to any unit of a given type upon death. The trigger looks like this: E> A unit dies. C> Triggering unit is of type (Ghoul). A> Run custom script - call ItemTable000000_DropItems() it totally works but only for 1 instance. it seems the function "call...
  3. pootykins

    assigning item drop set to units that do not exist yet

    I am working on a mini game where every time you kill an enemy, several more spawn nearby. I cant seem to be able to figure out how to assign an item drop set to a unit upon unit creation. I can only figure out how to give them an item to drop 100% of the time (unit dies,_, create item at...
  4. Hazop

    Torch Consumable

    I'm trying to make a torch consumable that comes in several charges and when used increases sight range and DMG for a short time. However I cant seem to get it to work, when my hero picks up the torch items he immediately gets the buffs without even using a charge and when he stands he plays his...
  5. Jake Conner

    HELP! Working on Map for 1 Year & Hit a WALL - HELP!

    I need a hero to be able to carry an item that is a building, then drop it, and have it quickly build. I got that part- I just modified the art on the tiny-buildings already available as items. Here's the tricky part I can't seem to figure out... I need the hero to be able to pack the building...
  6. Nortander

    [General] Automatically add droppable items to a unit

    Hey guys! I'm working on a little project now where one of the main protagonists (a neutral enemy boss unit) actually revives itself at midnight if killed. Like, he revives *every* midnight if he dies. I was able to make it up to that part without a problem. The thing is, I'd like him to keep...
  7. Zenonoth

    [General] How to drop items

    I want a trigger so that when a hero picks up an item, say Crown of the Kings while he already has one, then he drops the Crown of the Kings that's picked up, (AKA: He can only have only Crown of the Kingsx1 and if he picks another one while having one in his inventory then the second one will...