1. redscores

    [Aeon of Strife] The Black Shard by redscores

    Map Name: The Black Shard Map Type: Aeon of Strife/MOBA Player Number: 10 Player (2 NPC Players) Format: 5 vs 5 Tileset: Sunken Ruins w/ Others mixed Features: -Interesting, conceptual heroes with triggered/jassed abilities -Random catastrophes (with random effects) -Ebb and tide system...
  2. DatnessX

    The Demolition Island

    Hello, I am posting my new project. Note: Bots are disabled due to development. Version: Alpha 1.0 (first release) Official web: Game - Demolition Island
  3. DatBoi

    Critter Planet (Wc3 Remake)

    Hello, I'm @DatBoi, I'm looking for people that knows about: Complex Triggering (Jass or GUI) (1;2) & Lore-making (1)
  4. Lord_T

    Erm... Hi... They told me to introduce myself.

    So... yeah. I'm a learning geomerger and a beginning Scratch model and animator. I live in ST.Thomas, of the United States Virgin Islands, In the Caribbean. I am Legend.