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  1. Bruno Carodos Jovaneli

    model with invisible parts

    So, I’ve been a modeler for a while, I’ve made several models for warcraft 3, I’m new here, this model in particular has parts taken from other games, technically it’s just a mesh, I was editing this model for a cinematic that I want to make, but when I put it in the game, some parts are...
  2. rkemsley

    [Solved] Camouflage Ability (Weak Invisibility) - MUI

    "Camouflaged units are temporarily revealed when an enemy unit is within a certain range of the camouflaged unit." Basically, I am currently testing an ability which grants invisibility to a unit for 12 seconds. When the casting unit (CU) casts Ambush, CU is granted a buff for 12 seconds. While...
  3. InSaNe_97

    [Spell] Wind Walk for flying units?

    Greetings. I want to make ability that turns caster invisible and gives bonus movement speed, just as Wind Walk does. When invisibility is stopped so is movement speed bonus. Wind Walk has those things but looks like can't be for plying units. Things that Wind Walk has but I don't want in this...
  4. TheOakStaff

    [Solved] Invisibility that breaks upon movement

    Hello there, Just installed WC III (ROC & TFT) again after many years and decided to make a little custom game-mode. I want to have a unit be able to become invisible at will and that the effects ends when the character attacks or moves. Any help would be appreciated. Fair warning, I know...
  5. Deserted

    What exactly happens when Invisibility is being cast on a unit?

    When a sorceress casts Invisibility on a unit, it is forced to stop attacking in some special way. I want to do the same via triggers. Is this possible?
  6. Deserted

    [Spell] WindWalk/Invisibility spell causes flying units lose ability to fly over terrain

    I created a custom spell that 1) adds a modified (non-hero) WindWalk ability to the target; 2) orders to use it; 3) removes it. Unfortunately, flying units under its effect can only fly over other units but not over trees or obstacles. I wonder if there is an easy way to fix this behavior.
  7. Rykon-V73

    Frost Aura thing

    Don't get me wrong. The code works great, but the Invisibility lasts for a few seconds. Is there a way to make it last permanently and can only be turned off if the Hero's life is over 10%? Get them Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions ((Attacked unit) has buff...