illusion ablility

  1. fenix140

    Edit 1:How creating illusions with passive spells that the UI can display and that can cast a Pspell

    (Edit 1.1: Update 1: Add Usable Defense skill to an illusion. Add: Shadow Meld and Root / Unroot also) As the title says I found a way to add skills to the illusions (Excuse my English, it is not my source language). I suppose that in the versions of War 3 after 1.29 I think I solve this...
  2. Cheshire

    [Solved] multiple illusions from wand

    hey, is there any way to make wand of illusion make multiple illusions? I am trying to base a hero ability off of it to create illusions of other units (unlike mirror image which creates only of the caster) and haven't been able to get more than two... (caster (1)+dummy(1)) [ideally i would...