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if statements

  1. Ruvven

    [Trigger] TeamSize missing out a couple people

    Greetings once again to the lovely Hive Community! I have a trigger here that should seem to be straight forward but i currently cannot seem to fix this and my brain has started to hurt. All in all what its supposed to do is take the amount of players and divide them into wether it should be...
  2. Jadlz

    Can your trigger (if conditions) be too long?

    Hi, as the title implies, can you have a trigger that has too many functions, in particular if conditions? I'm aware of the 1ghz limitation of memory usage, but I'm pretty sure that that applies to simultaneous actions or functions being called. But for this specific type of trigger I had to...
  3. GoldenBud

    Simple Question about Multiple periodic triggers

    Hey all, so my question is simple. My map is a maze/dodge/slide and I use ALOT of Loops, in quite a few different periodic triggers that are running .03-.1 sec simultaneously. Most of them have quite a bit of code and almost always consist of loops with ITE's that contain more than one...
  4. Adorm

    [General] Two Questions on Unit Groups

    Hey Guys, How do you create a Unit Group through a Custom Script/JASS? And also, is it possible to check if a Unit Group is Empty and if so how would both of these things be accomplished through Triggers? Thanks so much! Cordially, Adorm
  5. Adorm

    [Solved] Having a severe problem with this. *Solved*

    Hey Guys, I'm developing a Trigger for my map to work alongside a spell that enslaves an enemy unit to make them into a worker. The spell is solely for animation and the Trigger is doing all of the work, but the problem is that it seems the Trigger isn't working properly and is jumping over...