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  1. HoS Horde Races

    HoS Horde Races

    Orc, ogre, goblin and forest troll, Warcraft 2 era. Chaos star is canon.
  2. HoS Alliance Races

    HoS Alliance Races

    Rise of the Horde era draenei, Warcraft 1 era human, Warcraft 2 era high elf, dwarf and gnome. Yes, draenei are NOT a part of the Alliance story-wise, but are an Alliance race in terms of mechanics.
  3. The Heart of Storms: Dusk of Draenor

    The Heart of Storms: Dusk of Draenor

    It's been a long way. Art by Braderunner
  4. You're Perfect

    You're Perfect

    While the ogre sisters play a very small role in HoS plot, I could not resist.
  5. Defenders of Karabor

    Defenders of Karabor

    They stood their ground. Pity it was all in vain.
  6. Ogres of Draenor

    Ogres of Draenor

    What remains of the Gorian Empire after the fall of Highmaul.
  7. Blackrock Clan Orcs

    Blackrock Clan Orcs

    Blackhand and his big happy family.
  8. Heart of Storms Title Screen

    Heart of Storms Title Screen

    From left to right: Dayoma, Stephania, Arnak, Branwen, the protagonists of the campaign.
  9. Rommel

    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    You read that right. Heart of Storms (HoS, not to be confused with Heroes of the Storm or Heart of the Swarm) is back after 9 years spent in limbo. For those who never heard of it, the old site still works (though it barely has any info): Heart of Storms MOD As does the forum (thought it's...
  10. Anknaton

    About a lost model... Model request

    Hello there... Once again I'm looking for an old model... This time the Chaos Defiler there was once on the resources section... Someone has it? I'm trying to have a old resources backup for my upcoming custom campaign... If someone has it, please can send it to me or upload here in this post...