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  1. Vidar

    [SD/Modeling] Queen Azshara

    Hey! So, I need a model for Queen Azshara before she became a Naga. I found one that worked, but it stopped working for some reason. If anyone can create a of Highborne Azshara, I would appreciate it loads! Plus, I think this is just something that would be really useful for anyone making maps...
  2. SSJ7107

    [Cinematic] Cinematic Dialogue Ideas

    I just started making the campaign for Highborne. And my first map is a cinematic/prologue explaining stuff about their race. As a non-native English speaker, I find it hard to create such good and entertaining dialogues for this cinematic. What I need is ideas for Dath'Remar (leader of...
  3. SSJ7107

    [Campaign] Highborne Unit Ideas

    Sorry if my English is bad its not my native language. I'm making a campaign called The Founding of Quel'thalas in which the story tells about the Highborne Elves being exiled and the creation of Sunwell. I have really no clue about Highborne Elves so it's giving me a hard time thinking for...
  4. Mercer

    WOTA: Azshari Palace

    Hey guys, new here! This is just an upcoming project I am currently developing and I thought I'd post some of the terrain here to see what you guys think, constructive criticism is appreciated! I didn't want to stray from core wc3 models so instead just re-textured some things and I didn't want...