hero choose

  1. WestTiger6

    Hero type limit only one per whole map amongst all players

    Hello! In the map I am making, I want to make the map to have only 1 type of hero. Like in DOTA if one player have already chosen a hero, non of the other players can choose the same hero, and they would have to choose from what is left.
  2. HerlySQR

    Prevent player to hire another hero

    Hello, I'm making a multiplayer map where you can choose a hero (by hiring it), but the place where is choosed is reachable for the normal units, so instead of make it unreachable I wanna know I can make it impossible to hire another one just for that player. I tried adding techtree requiriments...
  3. P3in

    [Solved] Hero Choose Taverns Hero Disable

    Hello guys, i have a hero choose system from taverns and i need to edit it to make it disable 2 more heroes when you choose To make it clearer, in my map i have more classes from wow, each class have 3 specs,let's take for example the mage class, he has specs like fire mage,frost mage,arcane...