hero button

  1. SpiritFryer2

    How to move top left hero buttons (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BUTTON)? (faulty code and map file inside)

    Hello! I'm trying to move the top left hero buttons (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BUTTON), but it seems they're stuck to the left side of the hero bar (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BAR). With some experimentation, it seems hero buttons have two hardcoded UI layout behavior 1. Stick to the left of the hero bar 2...
  2. Cheshire

    [Spell] way to detect when UI hero button clicked?

    hey there, how can I detect when the hero UI button is clicked? (I mean the image of the hero on the top left of the screen) I have a hero who I hid, but I want to trigger certain actions when it's button is clicked. somehow BC the hero is hidden - basing stuff off of when the unit is...