help really needed

  1. Captain_Teemo

    [Import] Imported models appearing as white

    Hello, I'm fairly new to using Wedit & War3 Model Editor V1.07 i'm not having much luck with getting textures to appear on models despite them showing up in Model editor fully textured but milky white when placed ingame. I don't see any way to manually add the textures once they are imported nor...
  2. Joel Sánchez

    Need help with WC3 reforged mdx conversion

    Hello guys, I´m "new" I was here long time ago (like 2005) but forgot my previous email. I want to ask for your help, I´m trying to convert an .mdx model of a warden hero that I got from the internet but I´ve been trying a lot in the last weeks and I don´t stop getting errors from the .mdx file...
  3. XxGamerxX

    Project : Fugatsu world RPG Reforged

    Map Name : Fugatsu world RPG Reforged Map Creators : Nizumi Map Developers : NELMVN , GAMER Fugatsu World RPG Is An anime warcraft III map where you can find most famous anime characters compiled in one map ,our vision is to make players feel and play anime characters with real sounds and...