1. Orc2.png


    After 1 year of deleting maps and starting from scratch and taking frustration breaks because I can't do terrain. Finally settled to this type of terrain. I hope I can improve it futher. Preview of the frist map. Blackrock (Red) Black Tooth Grin ( Black) Bleeding Hollow (Green) Player units.
  2. Victory For The Horde - Camp

    Victory For The Horde - Camp

    Close shot on the dark portal encampment. Bleeding Hollow, Black Tooth Grin and Blackrock Guards of the Dark Portal on the Hellfire peninsula side.
  3. Chaos Wyvern Rider

    Chaos Wyvern Rider

    FileName: ChaosWyvernRider.mdx FileSize: 79KB IncludedTextures: 1 In-GameTextures: 4 Animations: 10 FileName: ChaosWyvernRider_Portrait.mdx FileSize: 35KB IncludedTextures: 1 In-GameTextures: 3 Animations: 5 Polygons: 321 FileName: ChaosWyvernRider.blp FileSize: 111KB ImageSize: 256x256
  4. Angry_Undead

    Angry_Undead Intro

    Hey Everyone_:fp: I Searched a little and found this site... This Site seems GREAT!:thumbs_up: <------------------------------------------------------> I will try to give something to this site like donation,terrain,skin,model etc... <__________________________________> But for now i will...