healing salve

  1. DexterFstone

    Healing Salve ability

    Hi I need some ability it like Healing Salve, but it has a health limit when it is full u can use it, but I need some ability to u can use always and if take damage buff is removed it's like Healing Salve ability. any idea? or how I can remove Healing Salve's full health limit?
  2. HerlySQR

    Healing salve model

    How is possible I found models of a lot of items but not for the Healing Salve (or the clarity potion or the antimagic potion) if is somewhere, can you help me? If is not, can you make me this favor?
  3. Chacal

    Change Healing Salve buff to custom buff

    Hello, Im trying to make a rejuvenation using healing salve, i have created a buff with the proper icon for healing salve (now named rejuv) as unit ability. While in game when i use this new rejuvenation, it shows on the target a "regeneration" buff instead of the custom buff i created and gave...