1. Syczewski

    [SD/Texturing] Need some human heads.

    I making soldiers models of WW I-II. A can make a little torso textures but i can't make faces. would be very grateful to someone who will make textures for at least 4-5 faces (but it will be even better if you decide to make a head model).
  2. When_Ogres_Cook_Warcraft_First_War_Memorium_Warhammer_Butcher


    Model for Ogre Cooking Pot. Base model is 'FirePitCauldron20' ('Cauldron over the Fire') by MiniMage. Replaced the pot with the pot from Dionesiist's 'OgreBtucher'. Added birth animation of Healing Totem and death anim of Medivh's Spellbook (using MatrixEater). Made for 'First War Memorium' addon.