hd tilesets

  1. RuinsroundTiles_WIP.png


    Ruin Round tiles WIP. Classic,Reforged, and 2 mine versions bottom.Kinda close to the goal i wanted, still work to do...
  2. unknown.png


    Remastering classic dirtrough. Also making some grass too https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/almost-doodadless.333954/#post-3496856
  3. kantarion

    Seeking a partnership for wc3 HD tilesets

    Yo,seeking partner for recreating some areas of wc3 tilesets in HD manner. I am aware Reforged will come out but i got a feeling time is slowed down drastically now :) So lets grant community some nice things that we can enjoy while waiting :) You can check my work here (i updated some things...