1. Sxar

    [General] Rais Pig Skill

    I need a system that detect the number of untis in multiple cargos. Then after 5 seconds increase gold of the owner player in 5 g for each unit in each cargo individualy. Example pawn1 enter on pigfarm1 elapsed time 5 sec. owner of the pawn get 5g. another pawn enter 2 seconds after the las...
  2. Ashes3030

    Gaining EXP for Repairing / Constructing / Harvesting

    Hey! I'm looking for some help making a trigger, and I was wondering if someone could make something that uses the Wc3 Editor Triggers with minimal custom scripts that allows it to be possible to reward a HeroUnit EXP for completing the following tasks; Constructing something. Powerbuilding...