1. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Request] Skins for Magnaron, Corrupted Magnaron, Gronn and Gronnling

    Okay, I make it short: I need Skins for the following models that i am going to make: Magnaron Corrupted Magnaron (Think of Kormrok) Gronn (Model already done. I just need the Texture.) Gronnling. Just so you know: I know how the Wow textures of them look, so don't rip them from the game. I...
  2. stein123

    Ogronn model

    Hi fellas, I was wondering if someone can make an ogronn model? Like the ones from WoD, tatakenji made a similar looking model for the fall of draenor project, but he lost it a long time ago, and also If it's possible to make a gronnling too, based on the gorilla model, maybe using the texture...