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  1. Gronn Boss

    Gronn Boss

    Careful or he will turn your army into mashed potatoes
  2. Ogre Legion

    Ogre Legion

    Lay out of units. Physically durable and powerful units. while fielding less than other armies they shear size allows them to chrush their foes under foot.
  3. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Request] Skins for Magnaron, Corrupted Magnaron, Gronn and Gronnling

    Okay, I make it short: I need Skins for the following models that i am going to make: Magnaron Corrupted Magnaron (Think of Kormrok) Gronn (Model already done. I just need the Texture.) Gronnling. Just so you know: I know how the Wow textures of them look, so don't rip them from the game. I...
  4. stein123

    Ogronn model

    Hi fellas, I was wondering if someone can make an ogronn model? Like the ones from WoD, tatakenji made a similar looking model for the fall of draenor project, but he lost it a long time ago, and also If it's possible to make a gronnling too, based on the gorilla model, maybe using the texture...