good and evil

  1. Still working on it :p

    Still working on it :p

    After being stuck with writers block for over 4 months now i'm finally working on my Good and evil 3 project again XD That's the problem with making a story up as you go along, would have thought I learned my lesion with the other projects XD
  2. Warcraft III editor project - YouTube

    Warcraft III editor project - YouTube

    Just felt like sharing a new project that I was working on, and how the characters will learn and grow in their ability's Via the Elemental Slate. It's in the very early stages of development, so it's looking a little rough, but much will be changed in the future..Skip to 3:12 for the tutorial bit.
  3. Miles. Good & Evil II

    Miles. Good & Evil II

    Miles....As a young child he was dumped on the front doorstep of Duncans, after his parents discovered something about him.. Him and Kiye became best of friends, practically brother! Miles starts his journey after he gets a phone call from his sister, wanting to meet.....