1. Angry Garthos.gif

    Angry Garthos.gif

    As promised here:
  2. Dancing Ogre

    Dancing Ogre

    My laptop died yesterday, on a borrowed laptop now and probably lost a map project I spent over 170hrs on So I made something funny to kill the time and cheer myself up a little
  3. Dancing skelly

    Dancing skelly

  4. The Nexus

    The Nexus

  5. Factions So Far

    Factions So Far

  6. Gif - Spiderkin Abduct ability

    Gif - Spiderkin Abduct ability

    Kind of overpowered, yeah :D The balancing factor here is that the effect can be easily interrupted with any stun, silence, or even dispell
  7. Mistablockout

    Request for Animated Forum Icon

    Hello everyone, I read through the rules for this forum and I did not see anything for requesting, so here I go! Size: 150-200 px by 150-200 px Type: Pixel Art Style: All my Heroes of the Storm Pixel Art sprites so... - Marti Makes things. In this kind of style and err -- "bounciness" -- I...
  8. Diegoit

    Demon hunter morphed gif

    I need that gif please If you can make it owned by purple player it will be better Thanks