1. WC3FireGiantNew.jpg


    Wrath of the lich king Fire Giant. Made from scratch using in-game textures. Figured I'd get hands on with this one too as I had already made the Storm and Ice versions. Work in progress but quite close to being done.
  2. Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Found in the snowy mountain of Storm Peaks in Northrend, ice or frost giants are immense humanoids serving the titans. They are intelligent and reasonable beings who sometimes even ally with other non-giants if they share a common goal.
  3. Northrend Storm Giant

    Northrend Storm Giant

    Weekend project. WIP As the Curse of Flesh was released by Yogg-saron, the iron servants of the titans where turned. The colossal Storm Giants are capable of summoning small storms, bend weather to their will and uproot fully grown trees with a single hand. Large yet elusive.
  4. Giant Fucking Castle

    Giant Fucking Castle

    A Giant Fucking Castle
  5. cleavinghammer

    [Solved] Difference between unit class and target types?

    I'm trying to make a spell that specifically targets units classed as Giants, but Giant doesn't appear in the "targets allowed" menu. I checked the Ancestral Spirit spell, and it also lacks a target-only-Tauren checkbox. Is there a way to include unit classes as a target type in abilities?