1. Scourge Heroes

    Scourge Heroes

    - Death Knight - Crypt Lord (Summons: Carrion Beetles) - Lich - Crypt Sage - Necro Lord (Morphs into: Shade of the Necro Lord)
  2. eap

    Help with custom map .cfg files for Host-Bots

    Hi, I'm trying to get custom map .cfg files with observer slots working for host-bots in patch 1.29. I had no problems with adding obs slots to map .cfg's before the 1.29 patch, however ever since then they seem to crash the lobby after the !start countdown instead of loading into the game...
  3. Green_Gold

    [My first Terrain]

    Hey, I come from China, I try to use the translation tool, please forgive my broken English, this is my first Terrain, I hope you like it, but I haven't decided what the name is?:confused:
  4. DarkRanger2

    [Trigger] Ghost posses dead unit.

    Hello. I am making a new map with Forsaken units, what I want here is the unit to be able to resurrect herself. Only that it doesn't work here. What should I do ? First Trigger - Secon trigger -