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  1. HerlySQR

    How get the information of an item just with the type-id? (Or at least help me with the function)

    Hello, I'm creating a save-load system, also a menu for that, it shows what items have, for the charged items I wanna also show how many charges have, the thing is I don't know how to get if a item is charged only with the type-id so I opted to create the item for get that information, the thing...
  2. Helheim

    GetLocalPlayer() vs Unit Size and Reforged users detection.

    Due to some models scaling mismatch in classic and reforged modes, I use a trigger that should fix units scale. But there are 2 questions. 1. Will it cause a desync for multiplayer? (Some posts said that it won't, but they were made long time before buggy reforged was released) 2. Is there any...
  3. OverClocked

    [General] GetLocalPlayer() for transmissions/sounds

    Hi, i've been wondering whether it's possible to create a transmission for a single player, along with the sound that plays from it without desyncing when using GetLocalPlayer().