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    Some of my drafts ))
  3. JaredVeatz

    FWA: Suggestions For Future Updates

    GOOD DAY EVERYONE! I'm currently working on the next update for my map Furry Warriors Arena v1.6 and I need your help. If you don't know anything about the map then here's the link: Furry Warriors Arena v1.6w It's basically an arena map and I need some ideas from you guys so if you have any...
  4. Putoboggz

    Let's Play Furry Warriors Arena... Anyone?

    Does anyone here knows how to play FWA? I want to play with some "Real People" cuz Im tired of playing with the AI... You know so that I can see how players play this map... ;):) Here's the map: Furry Warriors Arena v1.6w
  5. Pyritie

    Pyritie's Artwork

    New stuff at end of thread!