1. Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Found in the snowy mountain of Storm Peaks in Northrend, ice or frost giants are immense humanoids serving the titans. They are intelligent and reasonable beings who sometimes even ally with other non-giants if they share a common goal.
  2. Izzetin

    [SD/Modeling] Simple Request: Snow(Pile)

    Hello! Atm im working on a Winter/Snow-Themed RPG map, and even though i got all my doodads and Units together it felt weird setting up a Village or Town in a Frozen Area without putting Snow/Snowpiles ON TOP of my Buildings/Doodads So i thought of a very simple request: can someone just...
  3. Kemayo

    Dryad Frost Nymph Skin

    Could someone paint me a Frost Nymph Skin and Icon for the Dryad? Something in the likes of this:
  4. Mathayis

    Orb of fire, frost lightning no longer working?

    Hey there! I'm having some issues with the orb of fire, lighting and frost....For whatever reason the effects stopped working on certain units. For example, I go to pick up an orb of fire, it will add the attack damage, and show the orb circling the weapon, but there's no splash damage! Same...
  5. Rykon-V73

    Frost Aura thing

    Don't get me wrong. The code works great, but the Invisibility lasts for a few seconds. Is there a way to make it last permanently and can only be turned off if the Hero's life is over 10%? Get them Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions ((Attacked unit) has buff...