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  1. HeuDevil

    World editor freezes when creating a unit.

    hello, im working on a map on warcraft 3 TFT, the program freezes when creating 1 single unit for 10 seconds, this problem also happens when renaming the unit, the program freezes for 10 seconds just to create a unit, my CPU is a bit old but i don't think thats the issue since the game is 18...
  2. Peach Schnapps

    Freeze / Shatter, Combo Abilities, Stat Checks

    Hellllllo again. I'm trying to figure out a way to implement "stat checks", and "spell combos", to start I figure I want to take the standard Warcraft 3 spell Breath of Frost and make it "check" the unit it is damaging stats (by stats I mean Hero Attributes), to see if they pass a "stat check"...
  3. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Is It normal? (yes it was)

    Hello This is a question about the editor The editor just freezes a moment when changing some entries in the object editor (more specifically the units´ fields) For example changing the [TEXT - NAME] makes the program reload a bit the unit Then it works perfectly My questions are Is it normal...
  4. Trần Đức Huy

    [Solved] Freeze when using if condition ?

    I'm using Bribe's Damage Engine (DE) to create On-hit Ability (Flak Cannon), i also create my own custom Auto-attack for Multishot Ability purpose, the problem is i only want Flak Cannon work it that damage is from Multishot Projectiles. So i'm using DamageEventType to archive that, but i don't...
  5. Woodenplank

    MUI and Timers...

    Hello Hive I'm planning a new spell, "Frozen Eternity" or "Time Freeze" if you wish to be less dramatic. Any way, the spell is simple enough in getting it to work (I assume)... But I can't come up with a work-around for making it MUI So any way, the idea is: Cast upon an area (based on...