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  1. Luashine

    [Success] Hybrid 12/24-player map | Backwards-compatible 1.24-1.28.5 & 1.31+

    There's one thing about Warcraft 3 maps that surprised me the most: the maps are entirely dynamic. Well, almost. Practically everything you think is saved permanently with WorldEdit, it is actually set up in war3map.j with code when the map loads. This means you can edit a whole lot about a map...
  2. Yui Moe

    [Tooltip] How to format texts in a tooltip

    Hello everyone, I wonder for those tooltips in game (like ability description, shop unit/item description), how could we format the text? So far, I only know we can use |n to start a newline. I would like to how to: (1) Indentation (tried |t or \t, neither works :() (2) Alignment...
  3. Devalut

    Webm - An file format lacking on the forums today!

    Webms would be an awesome addition! Also allows for audio, pause functions, and all in one features in a single form of media that cannot be ignored! Warning Cheeky Gif incoming: