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  1. HerlySQR

    [Solved] I wanna create an ability like force staff of Dota but with an exception

    As I said I wanna create an ability like force staff of Dota (don't have to explain me how to do the push, I know what to do) but I wanna add it an exception, if the unit hits a wall of at least a 2 of height then stops, but if is coming from up to down don't stop but do a fall, if the unit hits...
  2. Cheshire

    [Spell] force hero to use random item from inventory

    hey there, I am trying to make a spell that will make the targeted hero use a random item from its inventory. being as different items use different types of activation (unit,point,instant), not to mention passive items, i'm having a hard time triggering this without specifying pretty much...
  3. Woodenplank

    Forcing unit animation

    Hi Hive I'm making a sort of "motion blur" movement speed ability, and it almost works perfectly. The trigger gives some movement speed abilities and such to the caster, but it also does a loop every 0.20 seconds which creates a transparent clone of the Hero. The clone starts with 60%...
  4. STomP1992

    How can I do more than 6 Forces?

    Hey guys :) I got this problem. I want 8 Forces with every time 3 players. I figured out there was a maximum of 6. I think I played many fun maps and in some of them you had more than 6.