1. SNIper of DARKness

    Crop Farming Mechanic

    What kind of methods could I use to simulate simple crop farming that gives gold (not a custom resource). What if I only want it to be localised on a certain tileset (farm tiles)? I had thought about a building that spawn hostile crop that can only be targetted by peasants killing it would give...
  2. hugonh

    [Variety] Map

    I would like to know if its possible and suggest to add some neutral units, like a camp with some hero lvl 15 with massive heigh. Its boring always same units in neutrals, maybe randomize camps! Thanks!
  3. dragonade311

    Farm Plot Model?

    i have been looking for a simple farm plot/crop model for my map, just a slightly elevated ground model, and if possible has a crop terrain texture. I tried looking for in the models section, i searched wheat, farm, plot, land. But nope, got nothing To however can do this, thank you so much <3
  4. Mr. Ozil

    [Trigger] Why is my AI not creeping?

    I've been trying to get an AI-controlled hero to farm creeps within a contained region for a while. Here is my latest failed attempt and I don't see why the trigger is broken. Farming Central New Copy Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Central Creeps <gen> contains...