1. Dord96

    [Spell] how to make a spell

    hii i want to use this spell effect but i am not sure how to recreact it like in WoW pleass help
  2. Anton Wulff Jensen

    How do I make a spell that deals full damage on a single target, put splits out all the damage equally with several targets?

    So to explain further: I am making a boss, a large fire elemental. I want it to apply a debuff to a target, which will cause an explosion on the target after a while. The twist is, I want this explosion to deal x amount of damage when this target stands alone with no friendlies nearby, or y...
  3. German Mortar Trooper

    German Mortar Trooper

    An edit of Zess's Dieselpunk mortar model, I awaited such a model for a REALLY long time, and now my dream has come true, Credits to both HerrDave and Zess.
  4. Woodenplank

    [Trigger] (Slowly) Expanding Circles

    I've made a trigger that, when a unit instant cast ability, will spawn wave after wave of outwards expanding circles from the point, much like rings formed after dropping something in water... Except with cool fiery explosions. The trigger works without a fault, but to give it the slow...