1. Xzere

    Explode Skeletons Ability

    Hello guys how do i make this trigger only damage the enemy and not my allies? Thanks in advance! :) Skeleton Explosion Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Explode Skeletons Actions Unit Group -...
  2. Rocknar

    Help with mine explosion

    Hi i am creating a new playable race, where i use haunted gold mine, but not for mining. My building has negative hp regen so it will be destroyed after time. BUT i need to destroy the golden mine in that moment too. I created a trigger but without result It should work like this: When haunted...
  3. Mefisto

    [Solved] Gobelin Mines don't explode (custom & original spell)

    Hi everyone, I'm currently creating a map and want to make a spell that make a trap. I used the Item Gobelin Land Mine ability, with the Gobelin Land Mine unit, used AoE Damage upon death & Mine - explode, but customized: no damages, icone changed, range of AoE damage, etc (it is not...