1. SpiritTauren

    [Crash] Different PC spec influence on trigger length/execution quality

    Ok, here's an embarrassing situation: CONTEXT I normally work on my maps only with my stationary PC (ok-ish specs: gtx1080, i7-7700k, 4.2Ghz processor, 32 gb RAM, etc.) But today I've updated Wc3 to the latest patch on my older laptop (Intel HD 4000, i5 processor, etc.) and started editing my...
  2. SoooK

    Em I using variables wrong?

    I just want to know, if I'm currently making a mistake, or if I can keep going as I do. My problem (maybe): I use a couple of variables (udg_) in almost all of my triggers. Stuff like temporary locations, units, groups... I properly remove/destroy them after use, but I'm still worried, that...