eversong woods

  1. WoW Zone Terrain: Sunstrider Isle

    WoW Zone Terrain: Sunstrider Isle

    More WoW locations, this time Sunstrider Isle, the Blood Elf starting zone, during the High Elf period. Always thought the lighter village grass worked closer to WoW's Eversong style than the Lordaeron Summer Grass.
  2. Zephyrius2412

    Eversong Woods Texture Ripping

    Hi ! I'm making a Blood Elf race and I want to create a melee map with it so I wanted to create the Eversong Woods (in WoW). I need some texture for that, so someone can rip the Eversong Woods textures (tree, terrain, etc...) for me please ? Because I absolutely don't know how to do that and I...