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entering region

  1. Master_Pels

    Entering Region (MUI)

    I'm an amateur map maker, so I'm making triggers that I do not know if they are MUI or not. Please someone tell me how do i make entering region a MUI. For my RPG map Shipyard Events Unit - A unit enters Shipyard <gen> Conditions (Unit-type of (Entering unit)) Equal to...
  2. LunarLite

    [Spell] Need help with constant double circular region checking

    Hey there hive, I'm working on a spell for my map over here--- But i've been out of the Wc3 scene for like forever and i'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to do what I want. I only use GUI. The idea of the spell is to create 2 AoE circles/regions, A bigger one and a smaller one...