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edmund duke

  1. WC3SC1 Alliance 01 Briefing

    WC3SC1 Alliance 01 Briefing

    In case you didn't get it Uther (Edmund Duke) is Evil.
  2. Possessed Uther

    Possessed Uther

    So I spent half a day clipping voice files of Uther, seemingly hoping to somehow feed an AI app... didn't work. I did the next logical thing and stitched some Uther clips from war3, wow, and hots with Duke, resulting in this absurd, silly scene.
  3. Testing out a new unit for the Rebel Purge campaign

    Testing out a new unit for the Rebel Purge campaign

    Uther the Lightbringer onboard the Lothar II (supposed to represent Edmund Duke and the Norad II). He's a bit overpowered atm. Anybody got a Uther AI voice model I can use? :D