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dummy spell

  1. u wot m8_

    [Spell] Dummy Bash ability not working

    So i've been trying to make an AoE version of Storm Bolt for a hero unit, and used a dummy from another map of mine. I gave the dummy a bash ability with 100% chance to stun enemy units. The dummy is based on a demolisher and it's attack does AoE damage. I am guessing that bash doesn't apply to...
  2. Henry_AC

    [Spell] How to create a target-unit spell using a passive spell as a dummy? (Solved)

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with creating a spell using Lightning Shield (As a caster spell) and Health Regeneration Aura (As a dummy spell), I want the unit receiving the spell to heal the units around it. And I don't know how to do it. I know it may sound basic and I'm sorry. XD
  3. bruunk

    Is there a way to raise a dummycasters height?

    I have a custom spell that will shoot out a bunch of arrows, but the only problem now is that the arrows spawn on the ground I have tried setting the dummy unit's move type to "fly" and its height/height minimum to 150, and still the arrows spawn on the floor. I've tried making an action in...